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About us

Our Goal

We want to provide fast, elegant and cost-efficient decoration and renovation solutions for you. Our products can give you fast and elegant feedback for your room. Without hiring contractor and wait for days of construction, you can do it by yourself with easy decoration by purchasing our products. You will find immediate fix and elegant decoration at the same time. 

  • Elegant to decorate
  • Fast to complete
  • Easy to install
  • Not costly to purchase

You can be 

  • An investor who want to sell property at a higher price
  • A tenant who rent house with life style and privacy
  • A landlord who want to rent out faster
  • An Airbnb owner who needs quick renovation
  • A restaurant owner who does not want to wait for days of construction on the toilet
  • A host who wants to renovate and improve the kitchen decoration
  • A school manager who always needs to fix everywhere
  • A store owner who renovates with budget control

Our Story

We used to rent out multiple residential and commercial properties. It becomes a headache when tenants leave. There will be scar or mold or collision damage left on the wall, floor, tile, table, cabinet, sofa, everywhere! It will take long time and money to fully renovate or replace furnitures. It will harm the annual return on investment in the end. Also, you do not want to upset potential clients by leaving the scars without doing anything to the damage area.

And luckily we found the solution. Wall stickers, wallpapers, floor stickers, sofa cover, sofa seat cover, table cloth, shower curtain are very fast solutions to fix the problem. The products we sell here are very high quality. And the decoration was beyond expectation. It was perfect. I can do it by myself. We will have more products for you to choose as we grow ourselves in a healthy way.

We also recommend to our friends who run restaurants. His restroom needs renovation and the contractor estimated a week of labor. But he does not want to have his clients having meals without restroom for more than a week. We recommend floor stickers and wall stickers. Then he hired a contractor to do all the installation at night. The next day, a new restroom was born.

We want to bring our solution to you as well. It may not be perfect for you. But it was fast and elegant enough with budget control. We want to let you know that our high quality products can make your room decoration and renovation effective, elegant and easy. That is why we name ourselves Easy-Decor.


Easy Decor

Decorate your room with ease


New Collection

Trending wallpapers, floor stickers, wall stickers, sofa covers, table cloths, shower screen for renovation and decoration of living room, kitchen, bedroom, balcony and restroom.


Some feedback from our clients

I separate a shower room through a combo of this shop: floor sticker, shower screen, and water barrier. I install them all by myself. Fast, good looking and it was not expensive.

Ethan Lucas

It was always painful to renovate the furnitures for renting houses. The stickers are quite handy. And cover the damage area right away.


Ryan Lynch

Recommend the wallpapers. Cement pattern are great for background for boutiques in my shop. And it was good for taking pictures as well.


Francesca Oliver