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Bathroom wallpaper for bathroom renovation and tile transfer

Bathroom wallpaper becomes more popular for bathroom renovation nowadays. Bathroom wallpaper, with its various choice of patterns, colors and possibility of customization, has been a fast-fix, visual appealing, wallet-friendly & DIY-friendly solution for bathroom renovation.

bathroom wallpaper floor tile sticker marble pattern

Tile Transfer Difficulty without bathroom wallpaper

When your bathroom tile gets damaged or mold, you will NEVER find the exact same color tile to replace. Even if you find the pattern same as your bathroom tile, you will find the new tile color is different from the tile in your bathroom. And this may due to 2 main reasons:

1. Different batch of production will be different among each other even for the same pattern and color. This is due to the temperature, time, and various factors for production among different batch.

2. The temperature, humidity and the abrasion of the tile in your bathroom will be very different from new tile with the exact same pattern.

The application of bathroom wallpaper

Here is our solution. Our bathroom wallpaper can be used as floor tile sticker and wall sticker. It can cover the whole area and give your bathroom a new look. It also works well in the shower area.

Photo provided by customer by using our bathroom wallpaper

The bathroom wallpaper in our link is different from other normal wallpapers. We sell normal wallpapers in our shop such as marble wall stickers and wood pattern contact paper that can be friendly in kitchen or bathroom scenarios. Also, there are other type of wallpapers you may refer to. Here are the difference of our floor stickers (bathroom wallpaper) compared to other wallpapers in the market.

  • Much more durable: Our floor sticker add a non-slip transparent protection layer onto the decorative layer. And this is why it can serve as floor sticker for bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and other rooms. With proper installation, it can last 2-5 years as floor stickers and longer duration can be expected for wall tile sticker.
wood grain pattern floor sticker

Photo provided by happy customer by using our wood grain pattern floor sticker (Color: 01 Wood Grain). In this photo, it is better to fill the gap between tiles before installing our floor sticker. It will significantly increase its lifetime if the surface of installation is flat.

  • Similar appearance: Our floor sticker is rougher in a closer look due to the transparent protection layer. But overall, it will look pretty much similar to all other wallpapers. You may think it as wallpaper with a protection layer on it.
  • Increased waterproof function: the protection layer is pvc and vinyl material with waterproof function. As you know many wallpapers does not perform very well in kitchen and bathroom due to the humidity. Our floor sticker is suitable for even shower areas, either wall or floor.
bathroom wallpaper & floor sticker for shower area

Photo by a happy customer who bought floor sticker with hexagon pattern (Color: Hexagon Black Grey). Leaving a little margin onto the wall will significantly improve the waterproof function as well as the lifetime of the floor sticker.

  • Heavier weight vs. wallpaper: due to the protection layer, it is relatively compared to other wallpapers. This will result in higher price due to the logistic. But it is much lighter compared to floor sticker that is made of rubber or leather or other materials.

Application of floor sticker not limited to bathroom and kitchen

Due to its good looking feature, it also works well in living room, bedroom wall decor or floor renovation. It also can be used as furniture contact paper or floor mat according to your needs.

bathroom wallpaper & floor tile sticker for kitchen floor and tile decoration
Wood grain furniture sticker adhesive pvc table film cabinet wardrobe cupboard contact paper wooden kitchen bathroom waterproof wall tile sticker wallpaper
Wood grain furniture sticker adhesive pvc table film cabinet wardrobe cupboard contact paper

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