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Bathroom Wallpaper Floor Sticker Tile Stickers 58cmx920cm

(165 customer reviews)

Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $49.50.

Choose the color tab below and you will see different colors! Floor stickers waterproof 9m each roll. Also it can be used as bathroom wallpaper. Peel and stick to install on floor, wall, tile, etc. You do not need to replace the damaged or mold area. Cover it with our floor sticker and it will look good and new right away. CHOOSE COLOR FIRST 🙂


Bathroom wallpaper & floor sticker

Floor stickers, also can be used as bathroom wallpaper, with multiple themes for you to choose! When part of the floor or wall is damaged or mold, you just need this to cover the area right away. Either it is wood grain or marble or mosaic patter, all will look new and great even in shower room. You do not have to wait for days to renovate the floor or wall. Peel and stick! And waterproof! You may use it in bathroom, kitchen, shower room, living room, bedroom and door entrance.

Basic Info of Bathroom Wallpaper

Approximate size: 58cm width, 9.2m length each roll (piece);

If you order same color for multiple rolls, we may send you a whole roll without cutting. This is to prevent damage during transport and you will have more flexibility when installing. You may cut it according to your needs (length at 60cm for example). 

Main material: PVC & Vinyl; ​ ​

Feature: Non-slip, self-adhesive, waterproof, anti-dust, anti-mold, durable, easy to clean & install. ​Peel and stick! DIY

Style: Modern Wood Grain Pattern Wooden Style Red Black White Yellow Elegant Marble Tile sticker PVC floor Gravel Stone Marble Mosaic Bohemia Geometric Art ​for floor, wall, tile in bathroom kitchen living room bedroom and balcony

Application of floor sticker

​The PVC floor tile sticker can be used as decoration stickers for floor, wall, tile, furniture. It has a transparent non-slip layer on the surface. Due to this layer, it will appear a little rough on the surface compared to normal wallpapers. However, it is much more durable compared to normal wall papers! ​We have lots of patterns to choose from! Wood grain, marble, mosaic, hexagon, choose the one that suits your room! Peel and stick!

You may place the PVC adhesive floor on floor, wall, tile, cabinet, table, furniture with flat surface. It can be used as floor sticker, wallpaper, wall stickers, tile stickers, furniture stickers for decorative purpose. ​​Decoration for kitchen, bathroom, toilet, balcony, living room, bedroom, hallway door entrance for home, hotel, restaurant, shop, mall, cafe, bar, commercial buildings. ​

How is it different from other peel & stick wallpapers?

The floor sticker is adding a non-slip transparent protection layer on the surface. This will make it suitable as floor stickers and also more durable. If installed properly, the floor sticker can used for 2-5 years as floor or bathroom wallpaper. Compared to other wallpapers, it will appear rougher on the surface due to the protection layer. However, it is thicker and adds more weight to the product and therefore yields a higher price.

If you do not need the durability of the product or not use it on floor, you may switch to our other wallpapers in our shop. We have wood grain pattern wallpaper and marble wall stickers that are friendly in bathroom & kitchen decor. They are thinner, and therefore less expensive.

How to install the floor tile sticker?

Before installing, please make sure the surface is clean. Otherwise the stickiness of the floor sticker will be affected.

During installation, please use a flat board to clear the air bubbles. Otherwise, it will affect the appearance as well as shorten the life time of the PVC floor sticker. Normally, if the surface is flat enough, the floor sticker can last 2-5 years.  ​

​If you would like to order multiple pieces and consider drop-shipping or becoming a distributor, please feel free to contact us and we will offer you wholesale price. ​ ​

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Additional information


01 Wood Grain, 02 White Wooden, 03 Yellow Wood, 04 Wooden, 05 Red Wood, 06 Wood Grain, 07 Grey Natural Wood, 08 Brown Wooden, 09 Black Wooden, Marble Jazz White, Marble Grey Brown, Marble Dark & Gold, Grey
Grain, Grey White, Grey Cement, White Gravel, Blue Gravel, Green Gravel, Pink Gravel, Black Marble, Black Hexagon, Blue Hexagon, Hexagon Blue Tile Art, Hexagon Brown Tile Art, Hexagon Black Grey, Hexagon Black White, Mosaic 1, Mosaic 2, Red Brick, Black Square, Pink Square

165 reviews for Bathroom Wallpaper Floor Sticker Tile Stickers 58cmx920cm

  1. Myles Hart

    Both white marble and hexagon pattern are good. I use the two color to renovate the kitchen. Good as advertised.

    Image #1 from Myles Hart
  2. Andrade Igor

    Good quality. But I should order more. So the pattern of the border can match.

    Image #1 from Andrade Igor
  3. Kipesa NomMulumu

    Not bad. Stickeness good. Delivery fast. Quality good. Install not hard.

    Image #1 from Kipesa NomMulumu
  4. Olga Lewis

    This wood grain sticker cover the scratch on the wardrobe. The color looks good under different light.

    Image #1 from Olga Lewis
    Image #2 from Olga Lewis
  5. Hindy Waldman

    Looks better than expected!

    Image #1 from Hindy Waldman
  6. Asher Burov

    I replaced the damage tile before. But color of new tile cannot match. And this floor sticker covers everything and looks nice.

    Image #1 from Asher Burov
    Image #2 from Asher Burov
    Image #3 from Asher Burov
  7. Kendra Wiliams

    Bedroom floor changing color. Fast delivery and good quality. The color is recommended for bedroom floor. Not easy to look dirty.

    Image #1 from Kendra Wiliams
  8. Emerson Shoecraft

    The wood grain looks great under the sun. I may order again to renovate the bedroom floor. Please give me a discount

    Image #1 from Emerson Shoecraft
  9. Keith Ferguson


    Image #1 from Keith Ferguson
  10. Beni Cohen

    The grey floor is much better than expected. And it fits the whole style of the kitchen. I am considering wall as well. Maybe I can get a better discount?

    Image #1 from Beni Cohen
  11. DeShah Kambhu

    Shower room floor renovation after 1 month use. Waterproof and adhesiveness are good.

    Image #1 from DeShah Kambhu
  12. Baruch Frid

    Good quality and fast delivery

    Image #1 from Baruch Frid
    Image #2 from Baruch Frid
  13. Jairo Kastawi

    Better than expected. It fits well with the white color wall film.

    Image #1 from Jairo Kastawi
  14. Beatrice Noomon

    Image #1 from Beatrice Noomon
  15. Aria Walker

    Great quality. We use the floor sticker for renovation of 2 bedrooms, 1 restroom and hallway. Seller sent us more meters than we order. Good service.

    Image #1 from Aria Walker
  16. Kay Sandra

    Image #1 from Kay Sandra
  17. Ben Burns

    I bought floor sticker and wallpaper from this shop. Quite a good deal. And the quality is good. Save some money for decoration.

    Image #1 from Ben Burns
    Image #2 from Ben Burns
    Image #3 from Ben Burns
  18. Jean-Marc COURSET

    grey marble pattern looks nice!

    Image #1 from Jean-Marc COURSET
  19. Rosa Walker

    I received only one roll. Later found that all length are combined without cutting. Also, the seller gave me a few more meters. The sticker is easy to install. White wood color also looks nice.

    Image #1 from Rosa Walker
  20. Almas Davis

    Balcony before vs. after. A part of tile is damaged, but you can never find the exact color same as the other tiles. It seems floor sticker can cover up all the mess. And waterproof

    Image #1 from Almas Davis
    Image #2 from Almas Davis
  21. Richard Logelin

    Easy and convenient. White floor looks new. Waterproof and anti-slip.

    Image #1 from Richard Logelin
  22. Ed Diaz

    Grey wood is not easy to look dirty. And the kitchen floor looks new now. Waterproof. Recommend

    Image #1 from Ed Diaz
  23. Fabricio Souza

    Floor sticker for the swimming pool room for babies. It seems easy to install but large room size will make you tired….Maybe more discount next time?

    Image #1 from Fabricio Souza
  24. Michael King

    Good. It will take more time for carving out the drainage. Adhesiveness is great. During installation, wet floor make it easier to squeeze out the air bubbles.

    Image #1 from Michael King
  25. Anthony Riffey

    A month after installation. Clean the floor often to make the mosaic good looking.

    Image #1 from Anthony Riffey
  26. Mohd Saeed Mirza

    Image #1 from Mohd Saeed Mirza
    Image #2 from Mohd Saeed Mirza
  27. David Sheridan

    Wood grain looks very nice. In comparison, the stair looks shabby now.

    Image #1 from David Sheridan
  28. Ann Head

    There is a little damage on the edge. But seller told me that they sent more meters in case of this scenario. So there is more than enough.

    Image #1 from Ann Head
  29. Anthonela Jones

    Fast delivery and product in good condition.

  30. Bar Shmueli

    The wood pattern is delicate. I have use it for 1 month. Waterproof.

    Image #1 from Bar Shmueli
    Image #2 from Bar Shmueli
  31. Algirdas Gumbrys

    Seems good. Need some calculation before cutting.

    Image #1 from Algirdas Gumbrys
  32. Lorenzo Wirth

    The blue mosaic style matches the bright blue color furniture. The floor sticker is new and nice

    Image #1 from Lorenzo Wirth
  33. Thomas Slaatsve


    Image #1 from Thomas Slaatsve
  34. Jara Verdugo

    Waterproof floor sticker, water barrier, bath screen. This is all you need for creating a shower room nearby drainage outlet. I bought all three from the seller. Very cost-effective. Thanks for the input seller.

    Image #1 from Jara Verdugo
  35. Amir Midroni

    Quality is good. As the seller suggested, leave a little margin on the wall will boost the waterproof function.

    Image #1 from Amir Midroni
  36. Sonya Mendez

    Image #1 from Sonya Mendez
  37. Heather Andera

    Bought the floor sticker for the second time. Also can be good tile sticker and wall sticker as well. The surface is a little rough compared to other films.

    Image #1 from Heather Andera
  38. Jolien Hill

    Yellow wood grain looks nice. And the installation is quite easy and fast.

    Image #1 from Jolien Hill
  39. Victoria Murphy

    The Jazz white marble pattern looks stylish. The area of the floor sticker used to be dirty and old. Changing a few new tiles can look different in color. The floor sticker is a good solution. It looks like a carpet.

    Image #1 from Victoria Murphy
  40. Anisa Nijskens

    Product is okay. But needs extra length to match the pattern on the border.

    Image #1 from Anisa Nijskens
  41. James Buck

    Before vs. Working vs. After. The room has been rented for 8 years. Now its vacant. The floor sticker is a cost-effective investment. Hope it will last long for the next tenant.

    Image #1 from James Buck
    Image #2 from James Buck
    Image #3 from James Buck
  42. Tiare Nunez

    Image #1 from Tiare Nunez
    Image #2 from Tiare Nunez
  43. Mario Valerio


    Image #1 from Mario Valerio
  44. Belous Gennadievna

    Image #1 from Belous Gennadievna
  45. Luo Beitai

    Image #1 from Luo Beitai
  46. Daria B

    Image #1 from Daria B
  47. Pshepliasko Elena


    Image #1 from Pshepliasko Elena
    Image #2 from Pshepliasko Elena
  48. Mjesus navas

    Good color and quality. Table film looks nice. It is thicker. More durable than normal film, I guess?

    Image #1 from Mjesus navas
    Image #2 from Mjesus navas
  49. Hwang Kyu Jae

    This pvc floor is quite adhesive. And I got a few meters left. A little tricky for carving out the irregular shape. Overall it is not hard. Thanks seller.

    Image #1 from Hwang Kyu Jae
    Image #2 from Hwang Kyu Jae
  50. patricia Flores

    The color matches perfectly with my marble wall and floor

    Image #1 from patricia Flores
  51. karin maimon


    Image #1 from karin maimon
  52. Avner Nagar


    Image #1 from Avner Nagar
    Image #2 from Avner Nagar
  53. Dovi Delevkovich

    Image #1 from Dovi Delevkovich
  54. franck pouet

    Grey marble pattern color is better than expected. The floor looks new and nice now, making the wall look old.

    Image #1 from franck pouet
  55. Alex Klumac

    I ordered water barrier and floor sticker from this shop. With a bath screen, I create another shower area in the bathroom for the tenants

    Image #1 from Alex Klumac
    Image #2 from Alex Klumac
  56. Eleni Papadimitriou

    There is still some floor sticker left. It was fun installing the sticker. The floor looks new and great so far.

    Image #1 from Eleni Papadimitriou
    Image #2 from Eleni Papadimitriou
  57. David Morant

    I bought 3m from their Aliexpress shop. Now I bought from here to decorate floor of kitchen and bathroom. Much faster delivery!

    Image #1 from David Morant
  58. John Ockletree

    I asked a sample from the seller. It arrived fast. And white wooden style looks good.

    Image #1 from John Ockletree
    Image #2 from John Ockletree
  59. Aranzazu Teso

    Not very hard to install. The irregular shape may need some time

    Image #1 from Aranzazu Teso
  60. Alexander Ahmetkin

    Product is okay.

    Image #1 from Alexander Ahmetkin
  61. Jordan Idrissov

  62. Taheer SG

    It seems I receive a few more meters than I order. Grey color is not easy to look dirty. Adhesiveness is good. Recommended!

    Image #1 from Taheer SG
  63. Vakah Sk

    Waterproof as claimed

    Image #1 from Vakah Sk
  64. Tina Dunn

    Blue gravel is darker than expected. Luckily it matches the color of the wall.

    Image #1 from Tina Dunn
    Image #2 from Tina Dunn
    Image #3 from Tina Dunn
  65. Shantall Henobi

    Fast shipping and good color. Will install later.

    Image #1 from Shantall Henobi
    Image #2 from Shantall Henobi
    Image #3 from Shantall Henobi
  66. Aleksandr Semerikov

    I bought a roll of 9m but I only use 1.5m on this area. Guess I can use it 6 times on this area. This area is easy to get wet and slip. This product fixed the problem and the mosaic tile looks nice as well.

    Image #1 from Aleksandr Semerikov
    Image #2 from Aleksandr Semerikov
    Image #3 from Aleksandr Semerikov
  67. Alexey Mokin

    The quality is good. But I think I should choose two colors instead on one color. Putting this on all sides seems weird.

  68. Hila Nissim


    Image #1 from Hila Nissim
  69. Xavier Beaudouin

    Should have ordered more to match the border pattern

    Image #1 from Xavier Beaudouin
  70. Sergey Kasitsyn

    Waterproof function is good. Recommend for shower room floor & wall

    Image #1 from Sergey Kasitsyn
  71. Aymen Saeed

    The floor sticker makes me worried a little in the beginning. Because when you stretch the roll to be straight, it looks pleated. But after installed, it looks good. It looks flat after clearing the bubbles. And it is waterproof as shown in the photo.

    Image #1 from Aymen Saeed
    Image #2 from Aymen Saeed
  72. David Gonzales

    Image #1 from David Gonzales
  73. Geert van den Goor

    Good for floor renovation. Installation is easy. Peel and stick. And the color is not easy to look dirty.

    Image #1 from Geert van den Goor
  74. Jianchen Feng

    Color is good. Just wonder how long can the floor sticker lastÉ

    Image #1 from Jianchen Feng
  75. Velle Mape

    The tile sticker is good. But it looks too new. Now I have to renovate the wall. Renovating the wall was not the original plan.

    Image #1 from Velle Mape
  76. Tom Kanetti

    Image #1 from Tom Kanetti
  77. Elena Alfonsovna

    The waterproof function of this floor sticker is good. I used in my shower room. But maybe marble color is better.

    Image #1 from Elena Alfonsovna
  78. Lochet Jonathan


  79. Alex Alex


    Image #1 from Alex Alex
  80. Mohammed Baburman

    Brick pattern looks good. PVC flooring is good for room decor.

  81. Eva Norris

    Wood pattern looks natural and neat. Also, it reduce noise when you move chair.

    Image #1 from Eva Norris
    Image #2 from Eva Norris
  82. Eyal Raichman

    Thickness and adhesiveness is good.

    Image #1 from Eyal Raichman
    Image #2 from Eyal Raichman
    Image #3 from Eyal Raichman
  83. Tiare t

    Good. The extra meters can be used as seal tape to prevent mold as well.

    Image #1 from Tiare t
    Image #2 from Tiare t
  84. Ishaq Muhammad

    Brick pattern pvc floor is good. My puppy seems satisfied.

    Image #1 from Ishaq Muhammad
    Image #2 from Ishaq Muhammad
  85. Indrizadotil Wa

    Fast delivery. But the other construction has not finished yet. I need to wait a few more days to try this. It seems great.

    Image #1 from Indrizadotil Wa
  86. Pam Howard

    The sticker is thicker than expected. And there is ruler in the back.

    Image #1 from Pam Howard
    Image #2 from Pam Howard
  87. Marco Sousa

    Good to put on part of the office floor

    Image #1 from Marco Sousa
  88. Albert Giner

    Great color. It is also a good way to decorate restroom. With this pvc floor, it separates the yellow marble floor. I like this.

    Image #1 from Albert Giner
  89. Natalie Smith

    Red wood grain color looks nice. Maybe I should buy wallpaper as well. So the whole duration of construction can be shortened.

    Image #1 from Natalie Smith
  90. gina garcia

    Adhesiveness is good. But the white marble pattern needs to be cleaned often otherwise it will look dirty.

    Image #1 from gina garcia
  91. katia tarcisio

    Image #1 from katia tarcisio
  92. Diva Faith

    Image #1 from Diva Faith
  93. Gross Schmidt

    It covered the damaged area and looked new.

    Image #1 from Gross Schmidt
  94. Mary Allen

    Good for renovating the whole room. White wall with grey floor .

    Image #1 from Mary Allen
  95. Sysoev Rostislav

    An easy renovation on the living room floor before selling. Easy and fast. Looking good. Hope this apartment will sell soon.

    Image #1 from Sysoev Rostislav
  96. zanetastromska maj

    Not bad. Should buy more.

    Image #1 from zanetastromska maj
  97. Chude Manni

    Image #1 from Chude Manni
  98. Alicia Fernandez

    Plan to put it on kitchen floor.

    Image #1 from Alicia Fernandez
    Image #2 from Alicia Fernandez
  99. Ami Vaknin

    Image #1 from Ami Vaknin
  100. Javier Guillen

    Quality is good considering the price. It did not cost much for the whole room. And I did it by myself. Money well spent for bathroom dŽcor

    Image #1 from Javier Guillen
  101. Andre Kulandaiswamy

    The mosaic pattern is nice for large size floor renovation. It was easy to install. And fast.

    Image #1 from Andre Kulandaiswamy
  102. Darrion Mosley

    Image #1 from Darrion Mosley
  103. Nikos Karlos

    Working. Good so far.

    Image #1 from Nikos Karlos
  104. Jen Stratman

    Hallway area is suitable for this floor sticker. Hexagon pattern is nice.

    Image #1 from Jen Stratman
    Image #2 from Jen Stratman
  105. Rosangela Silva


    Image #1 from Rosangela Silva
  106. Fergie Welish


    Image #1 from Fergie Welish
  107. Randy Demers

    Use it under every door of my house. Looks good.

    Image #1 from Randy Demers
  108. Beth Lee


    Image #1 from Beth Lee
    Image #2 from Beth Lee
  109. Anastasija Pankova

    It was hard to match the border hexagon when the both sides of the room is not straight. So I give up. Still okay I guess.

    Image #1 from Anastasija Pankova
  110. Dmitry Blyumenfeld

    Last tenant has been living for 6 years. This pvc adhesive floor seems a good renovation for my old floor. And I receive a little more than I ordered. Thanks

    Image #1 from Dmitry Blyumenfeld
    Image #2 from Dmitry Blyumenfeld
  111. John Garcia

    Black and pink for the whole room !!!

    Image #1 from John Garcia
  112. Sarandos wa

    Grey wood color is my favorite. I would like to have a discount for next purchase.

    Image #1 from Sarandos wa
  113. Ibrahimova J

    Image #1 from Ibrahimova J
  114. David V

    Image #1 from David V
  115. Andrea Nerds


    Image #1 from Andrea Nerds
    Image #2 from Andrea Nerds
  116. David Baguley

    Image #1 from David Baguley
  117. Duchat Nia

    Border area needs to be careful installed. Clear air bubbles as you stick. Others are fine.

    Image #1 from Duchat Nia
  118. David Moore

    The kitchen floor looks new instantly.

    Image #1 from David Moore
    Image #2 from David Moore
  119. Marius Przybycien

    Yay! I made it! Recommended!

    Image #1 from Marius Przybycien
  120. Matias Escribano

    Image #1 from Matias Escribano
  121. Kotova Elena

    Red wood pattern looks okay

    Image #1 from Kotova Elena
    Image #2 from Kotova Elena
  122. Zoliya Z


    Image #1 from Zoliya Z
  123. Kery Sha

    Image #1 from Kery Sha
    Image #2 from Kery Sha
  124. Konstantin Chernykh

    The width is just suitable for wall border in the bathroom

    Image #1 from Konstantin Chernykh
  125. Ennia Jean

    Not enough to match the pattern between the pieces. I should have ordered more. Now I think I should have cut it every 1m length without considering the border. That might look good as well.

    Image #1 from Ennia Jean
  126. Adhikari West

    Image #1 from Adhikari West
  127. Jason Manning

    Wood Grain looks nice. And the pvc film is adhesive.

    Image #1 from Jason Manning
  128. Keisha Washington

    Image #1 from Keisha Washington
  129. Gozzi Jef

    Image #1 from Gozzi Jef
  130. Jenny Olsen

    Image #1 from Jenny Olsen
    Image #2 from Jenny Olsen
  131. Vasiliy Melnikov

    I got wrong estimation. Need to order again….

    Image #1 from Vasiliy Melnikov
  132. Akiles Silva

    Easy for kitchen floor renovation. Easy-décor as claimed.

  133. Key Usuri

    The area in front of stove and water basin is very easy to get dirty, wet or collision. Putting on this pvc floor flim can be a good protection for the kitchen floor tile. Quality is good.

    Image #1 from Key Usuri
  134. Anthony Wickenhauser

    Color is fine. But maybe I should cut the roll into 60x60cm first. Otherwise the wood pattern is gonna mess-up like mine.

    Image #1 from Anthony Wickenhauser
  135. Corey Decoteau

    Seems good

    Image #1 from Corey Decoteau
  136. Mary Rose

    There is ruler in the back. The installation is not difficult. And mosaic pattern is modern.

    Image #1 from Mary Rose
  137. Taisiya Nakonechna

    Renting an old apartment. Hope this floor sticker last long enough.

    Image #1 from Taisiya Nakonechna
  138. Patrick Ed

    Image #1 from Patrick Ed
  139. Brian Greiner


    Image #1 from Brian Greiner
  140. Valentina Barazarte

    PVC sticker is rough on the surface. Door entrance area is usually the area needs extra care.

    Image #1 from Valentina Barazarte
  141. Zeev Levy

    Image #1 from Zeev Levy
    Image #2 from Zeev Levy
  142. Sian Reyes

    Image #1 from Sian Reyes
  143. Kai shuni

    White wood pattern fit for the white desk.

    Image #1 from Kai shuni
  144. Alekseeva Nina

  145. Witter Gold

    I plan to use this floor sticker to decorate another room. Please give me discount next time.

    Image #1 from Witter Gold
  146. Diane Knight

    Image #1 from Diane Knight
  147. Denis Nogueira

    I use the floor sticker on renovating the restaurant bathroom. The floor has been used for 5 years. And changing tiles and redo the waterproof layer is gonna take many days. That can be disaster for restaurant without toilet! This pvc floor is a perfect solution. It only take less than an hour. Recommended! Keep up the good work, seller.

    Image #1 from Denis Nogueira
  148. Janelle Castillo

    Looks good. The floor near bathroom is always wet. I think this waterproof pvc floor can be a solution. We will see.

    Image #1 from Janelle Castillo
  149. Florent Sifferlin

    I use the floor sticker in the shower room. And I put the extra length in the door entrance. A product well used for two areas.

    Image #1 from Florent Sifferlin
    Image #2 from Florent Sifferlin
  150. Noy Hanuna

    I install the floor sticker by myself. Seems easier than I thought.

    Image #1 from Noy Hanuna
  151. Donna Camilleri

    Stylish for salon décor. Install easily.

    Image #1 from Donna Camilleri
  152. Charlie Gray

    Before vs. After. Recommend. This is what is gonna happen for renting houses. There will be replacement on the damaged tiles and the color is not gonna match. Floor sticker is gonna cover all this problem. And the installation is easy and fast.

    Image #1 from Charlie Gray
    Image #2 from Charlie Gray
  153. Leonid Petrov

    Great. This white marble looks refreshing as long as you clean the floor very often. It was easy and not expensive for floor renovation. Especially for rented houses.

    Image #1 from Leonid Petrov
    Image #2 from Leonid Petrov
  154. Vd Linde

    My wooden floor has been damaged by water before. Now the pvc flooring is a great approach.

    Image #1 from Vd Linde
    Image #2 from Vd Linde
  155. Joelso Carara

    Seller sent me more meters than I ordered. Overall the product is good and easy to install. Matching the mosaic pattern can be a little tricky. Recommend for kitchen floor decoration.

    Image #1 from Joelso Carara
    Image #2 from Joelso Carara
  156. Flavio Mestanza

    Middle of work. Seems not hard.

    Image #1 from Flavio Mestanza
    Image #2 from Flavio Mestanza
    Image #3 from Flavio Mestanza
  157. Oshrat Aharon

    Bought 2 color and it looks good. Hope this will last long

    Image #1 from Oshrat Aharon
  158. Halel Hamed

    Image #1 from Halel Hamed
  159. Lerbier Patricia

    The stepping area by the stair is often erased. The floor sticker serves as a protection film. Decorative as well.

    Image #1 from Lerbier Patricia
  160. Andu Ghitmay

    Fast delivery and condition is good.

    Image #1 from Andu Ghitmay
  161. Limor Lulu

    Image #1 from Limor Lulu
  162. Eliane Declercq

    Image #1 from Eliane Declercq
  163. Anastasia Apeldimov

    Grey wood color. Looks great for the kitchen floor. I would like to get a discount for the next time purchase.

    Image #1 from Anastasia Apeldimov
  164. Stacy Bosche

    Color is good.

    Image #1 from Stacy Bosche
  165. Michelle Chan

    Bought the 3rd time.

    Image #1 from Michelle Chan
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