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Geometric Wallpaper Panoramic Stripe Pattern 53cmx920cm

(17 customer reviews)


Choose color first! Ever wonder how to decorate your room into those luxury hotels? Here are the high quality geometric & stripe wallpapers they buy! Sell in 9m each roll. Colorful stripes, deerskin, with plaid color, eco-friendly, multiple color and themes to choose from! CHOOSE COLOR FIRST πŸ™‚

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premium panoramic wallpaper hotel living room bedroom decoration eco-friendly non-adhesive wall large paper

green wallpaper panoramic stripe living room bedroom office decoration eco-friendly hotel design large room

Info of the Geometric Wallpaper with Stripes

Ever wonder how to decorate your room into those luxury hotels? Here are the high quality geometric wallpapers they buy! Colorful stripes, deerskin, with plaid color or geometric pattern, eco-friendly, multiple color and themes to choose from!

Basic Info of panoramic wallpaper deerskin

Approximate size: 0.53m*9.2m (3% error) each piece (roll); ​

Material: Non-woven Fabric. ​

Feature: Non-adhesive, decorative, eco-friendly. ​The wall paper is not adhesive. You need to buy glue in your neighborhood. We suggest eco-friendly glutinous glue because the wall paper is eco-friendly. ​

​Style: Deerskin White Beige Grey Coffee Brown Blue Pink Green Stripe Wave Geometric Plaid Solid Pattern Modern Luxury Nordic Style 3D;

​How is premium wallpaper different compared to others?

Premium wallpapers are much thicker compared to the other wallpapers. The surface will be more likely to feel like deerskin. Also, premium wallpaper is about 2kg each roll. The rest of the wallpaper is about 1.3kg each roll. However, all wallpapers in this page are great to achieve luxury hotel style decoration.

Application of the geometric wallpaper hotel style

It can be used as panoramic wallpaper, mural and large wall decoration, wall decor for living room, bedroom, kitchen as well as other surfaces such as furnitures and cabinets. ​ ​

Scenario: The wallpaper can be used as wall panel decor, home design, house decoration and renovation for home, living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, restaurant, hotel, motel, salon, shop, cafe, bar, mall. ​

​If you would like to order multiple pieces and consider being a distributor or drop-shipping, please feel free to contact us and we will offer you wholesale price. ​ ​

Panoramic Wallpaper 3D Wall Paper Panel Mural Colorful Stripe Deerskin Non-adhesive Eco-friendly Coffee Beige White Gold Blue Pink Green Home Decoration Living Room Bedroom Large Luxury Hotel Office Room Design Geometric Wave Pattern Line 53cmx920cm Cafe Restaurant Mall Shop

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Premium Light Beige 90101, Premium Khaki 90102, Premium Coffee 90103, Premium Light Grey 90104, Premium Green 90105, Premium Blue Green 90106, Premium Black 90107, Premium Dark Grey, Premium Blue, Rice White Stripe 8-1, Silver Grey Stripe 8-2, Bright Yellow Stripe 8-5, Coffee Gold Stripe 8-3, Rice White Cross 98501, Silver Grey Cross 98502, Warm Yellow 98503, Blue Grey Cross 98505, Coffee Cross 98506, Brown Wave 70715, Light Grey Wave 70713, Rice Yellow Wave 70712, Rice White Wave 70711, Rice White 3366-1, Silver Grey 3366-2, Bright Yellow 3366-3, Coffee Gold 3366-5, Blue Grey 3366-7, Green Silver 3366-8, Rice White 33810, Beige 33811, Silver Grey 33812, Purple Grey 33813

17 reviews for Geometric Wallpaper Panoramic Stripe Pattern 53cmx920cm

  1. Mezhoud Kaina

    Premium brown pattern looks good for the office decoration. Before vs after. And the deerskin looks elegant. Recommend for panoramic wall.

    Image #1 from Mezhoud Kaina
    Image #2 from Mezhoud Kaina
  2. Kimberly Barr

    Installed on part of the wall and it looks okay so far.

    Image #1 from Kimberly Barr
  3. Namsang Wall

    The wallpaper is fit for wall renovation. It is much easier than painting the wall with furnitures in the room.

    Image #1 from Namsang Wall
    Image #2 from Namsang Wall
  4. Jose Garcia

    The surface is good.

    Image #1 from Jose Garcia
    Image #2 from Jose Garcia
  5. Jerick Tolsky

    Good. I tailored a little and cover the scratch on the wall.

    Image #1 from Jerick Tolsky
    Image #2 from Jerick Tolsky
  6. Sheila Snyder

    There are wrinkles on the edges of the product. Maybe better packaging?

    Image #1 from Sheila Snyder
    Image #2 from Sheila Snyder
  7. Nikki Davis

    Image #1 from Nikki Davis
  8. Jean-charles Lasselin

    Job half done. Okay so far.

    Image #1 from Jean-charles Lasselin
    Image #2 from Jean-charles Lasselin
  9. Nikita Chervinskii


    Image #1 from Nikita Chervinskii
  10. Liora Shimshelewitz

    Looks good but there is no glue in the shop. I have to buy it by myself.

    Image #1 from Liora Shimshelewitz
    Image #2 from Liora Shimshelewitz
  11. Cuse Rapp

    Fast delivery and the product looks good.

    Image #1 from Cuse Rapp
  12. Leo Lucas


    Image #1 from Leo Lucas
    Image #2 from Leo Lucas
  13. Don Cocherell

    The wallpaper is good for room renovation. After years of renting, now the room is good for sale. Hope the investment get higher returns.

    Image #1 from Don Cocherell
  14. Kenzo Madoui

    Image #1 from Kenzo Madoui
    Image #2 from Kenzo Madoui
  15. San Roman

    Coffee color is darker than expected. Others are okay.

    Image #1 from San Roman
  16. Sally Reynolds

    Image #1 from Sally Reynolds
  17. Elvis Fajardo


    Image #1 from Elvis Fajardo
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